Beyond Countless Doorways

Session 10

Into the Pyres

Standing on the Mortuary steps the group surveyed the Square before them and took in the sights they had only glimpsed when they first headed into the building. The large open Square was surrounded by a variety of buildings and businesses but at its center it was dominated by a tall obelisk contained within a walled off section. Intrigued by the obelisk the group made their way into the walled area to find several sets of flowers and other objects left behind, while numerous people scanned the walls and the obelisk itself. Inspecting the walls the group were able to make out a very finely carved script covering most of the walls and extending all the way up the obelisk, disappearing from view. Inquiring as to what the script was with a nearby Dustmen, the group was informed that the Dustmen try and carve the name of every being that has passe din the Multiverse, so there may be a record of their existence. When prompted as to how the Dustmen would actually find and carve all the names of all the beings in the Multiverse, the Dustmen simply shrugged and replied that their faction has all of eternity to carve the names. When asked about the beings who passed without their names being known the Dustmen again shrugged and replied that eventually their names will be found and added to the list.

Moving on from the Obelisk the group decided to head south along Shuffle street to investigate the other attack they had heard about involving a Dwarf from Rattling alley. Upon reaching the street the group found that the area gained its name from the series of decorations upon the street’s doors. Upon every door leading into a house or business along the street there was a large and ornate door knocker of a variety of designs. The most common feature among all the knockers however was the morbid theme that also permeated the District, death. Many of the knockers featured skulls of some sort, while those that did not still included images along the same lines. As the group took in the sight a strange wind blew down the street causing the knockers to rattle, causing a cacophony of noise that lent an erie mood to the street.

Turning down the twisting road the group nearly stumbled into a tall, lanky individual who reaked like a rotting corpse with a faint smell of roses. The individual was muttering to himself about following the True Death and that he must not act out, paying no attention to the party. But then suddenly the figure stiffened and glared at the party. It let out a short shriek and then turned and fled from the party. The party quickly made pursuit and followed him through several twists and turns until being led into the Pyres, a part of the Grey District that was nearly destroyed in a great conflagration some years ago. It was here the unfortunately that the party lost the trail of the figure. Deciding it would be better to turn back and visit the dwarf who was attacked, before venturing too far into the Pyres, the party slowly made their way back to Rattling Street.

Finding the dwarf’s house the group knocked upon the door only to find no response. Knocking a few more times a young dwarf finally answered the door and asked them their business. After explaining that they were sent by the Voices, the young dwarf allowed them inside and introduced himself as Gyrkos. Gyrkos explained that he is apprenticing with his uncle who was recently attacked while on his way home from a business deal at the Smoldering Corpse Bar. The dwarf then lead the group upstairs and admitted them to a bed room that was dimly lit. To the side of the room stood a bed upon which lay a pale, sickly, older dwarf. The dwarf tried to rise to a seated position as the group entered but could not find the energy and instead slumped back down into a heap. Summoning some energy the older dwarf asked who they were.

The young dwarf quickly moved forward and eased his uncle, while explaining that the group has been sent by the Voices to investigate his attack. Dyrkos then explained that he had been finishing a deal at the Smoldering Corpse Bar and then headed home along Smoker Street. He cut down an alley when suddenly he was knocked out from behind. Just before he was knocked out he smelt a putrid combination of rotting death and roses. As if someone tried to cover up the horrible smell with perfume. Awaking some time later he felt intense pain and he tried to rise but was forced back down. That was when he realized that the attacker was feasting upon his body, but he was too weak to do anything. Luckily a man came running down the alley scaring off the creature. The next thing the dwarf remembers was waking up in his own bed as he must have fallen unconscious again. The man who saved him was named Sougard, he was at the Smoldering Corpse Bar that same evening. The other strange thing was that when he was brought back to his home he smelled like that rose perfume but he also had soot all over him, as if he had rolled in a fireplace.

Leaving the dwarf’s house the group made their way to the Smoldering Corpse Bar to see what more they could find about the attack. When the group entered the bar however they were greeted by an incredible sight of a burning corpse standing in the center of the entrance area. The body appeared to be engulfed in flames and struggling as if it were burning to death. Yet the corpse did not fall or succumb to the obvious pain it felt. Instead it simply stumbled about in short circles, occasionally flailing its arms about.

Moving past the inflamed living symbol for the bar, the group questioned the bar tender who pointed them to Sougard, a solemn looking individual at a table on the far side of the bar. Offering to buy him a drink the man offered them seats at the table and told them his tale. It was rather short and the man tried to make himself sound more heroic then the act was worth, but it confirmed the story of the dwarf. Sougard told how he came to the district to try and help with the problems he heard were brewing in the district. However he has been having problems finding anyone who would hire him because of his affiliation with the Mercy Killers.

Deciding to move on from the bar the group headed back into the Pyres in search of the individual they had lost there earlier in the day. After some time wondering around, lost in the collapsing alleys of the burnt out buildings the party ran into a pair of Bugbears who demanded money for safe passage through their territory. Making quick work of the Bugbear leader the party convinced the Bugbears to help them find the source of the strange occurances in the district. Leading them through the Pyres for a short time the Bugbears led them to the “Blight House,” a building that once used to be a tenament, before being converted to a plague house, and now is a broken ruin that apparently acts as a headquarters for some individuals that may be the people the party was looking for.

Splitting up, Anora and Tree moved towards the front door while Baruke and Fuk moved along an alleyway towards the rear of the building. Unfortunately along the side of the house Baruke and Fuk encountered a pile of ooze that lurched toward Baruke aggressively. Fighting it off with his axes, Baruke was able to make quick work of the ooze, but was left somewhat puzzled about the nature of the ooze and how it had been able to absorb some of his blows when there was solid stone underneath the ooze. Anora and Tree did not fair much better either as when they entered the building through the front door they fell into a pit. Tree was able to launch himself across the pit but Anora was not able to do so and instead fell down into a dark basement.

Standing up and examining her surroundings, Anora lit a sun stick discovering what appeared to be some sort of lair. The area was once an old wine cellar but most of the shelves and store had been destroyed, scattered across the floor. Off to one side however there was a pile of rage that seemed to function as some sort of bed, around which were scattered bits of bone. Moving off to one side, Anora discovered a door which she slowly opened, only to discover a hallway where hundreds of bats had decided to roost. Her sun stick’s light scared the bats causing them to fly into a swirling rage, before they scattered out of the hole in the ceiling and off into the Pyres to find another roost.

Meanwhile, Baruke and Fok broke through the back door discovering a small back entrance hallway crisscrossed with footprints and other strange prints. Working their way through the house the group was able to reunite with Tree before exploring further and discovering a series of doorways. Opening several the group made their way into what must have once been a dining room, but now was covered by some huge web. In front of the web stood a tall spider like creature that stood upright like a human, and wore a large leather jacket and pants, as well as a top hat. The strange creature removed its hat and performed a deep bow for the duo.



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