Welcome to the Multiverse

This is a Pathfinder game set in the Planescape campaign setting. I have modified the setting to what I feel is a better fit with the moods and themes presented in the original Planescape box set. So I shifted things around to better bring out things such as the Rule of Three and Belief. Thus, I have rearranged many of the planes in both location and hierarchy or combined similar planes that did not have enough unique flavor. With these changes I tried not to delete anything, as I didn’t want to lose anything, but instead edit or combine elements so that all the great ideas that were present in the original setting are still here somewhere. So for those of you you who are familiar with the setting you will recognize many elements; they just might not be in the place you remember.


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I would also like to thank everyone from whom I have pulled information or art work to help decorate my site. All the cool stuff that I have pulled together to help make my game better would not have been capable without you. Thanks again!

Beyond Countless Doorways

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