Wailer's Square

The neighborhood surrounding Wailer’s Square. The square itself is a large open plaza with a large fountain at the center. The square is named after the Wailer‘s Guild, a tiny organization that exists within the Dustmen. These men and women perform extravagant displays of mourning to honor the dead, jostling with each other for potential business in the Square. Competition is fierce and often unseemly; brawls have been known to break out over lucrative contracts.

Wailer’s Square is also the site of the Grey District‘s largest and most regular market, held once every ten days or so. Grave goods from as far away as Heliopolis and Tir Na Og go on sale here, and visitors can purchase everything from Viking death ships to enchanted mummification tools. Over the past few years more normal Cager tradesmen have also started to make for the square, providing food and other necessities, and even a few relative luxuries.


Wailer’s Square Market

The Whispering Word

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Wailer’s Guild

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