The Whispering Word

A Tavern and Inn located on the edge of Wailer’s Square in the Grey District of the Hive. It is an establishment that certainly caters to its clientle, which are mostly Dustmen or those close to the Dustmen’s work. The decorations are rather morbid with the tables being shaped in the form of cofin lids and decorated with silver candle stick holders like ones you would find at a funeral. There are also various cubbies cut into the walls which display skulls of various species from across the Multiverse.

The Whispering Word is owned and operated by Bald Grum a member of the Fated and a Voice of Wailer’s Square, who set up shop in the neighborhood a number of years ago. Grum and his establishment have a good reputation and serve as one of the best places to find steady employment in the area. The tavern also has the reputation of the source of Mummerwine, a strong liquor supposedly made with embalming fluid as an extra kick. Its rumored that people have died from drinking too much in one sitting.

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The Whispering Word

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