Sigil is the center of the Multiverse. Or at least that is what most of its citizens proclaim. Whether this is actually true or not is questionable. How can one measure what is at the center of infinity? Yet, when it comes down to it, Sigil just may be at the center of everything, even if it physically isn’t. Sigil is a great metropolis that houses over 3 million beings. It floats above the Spire, in the center of the Outlands, and it is only accesible by the many portals that give the city its nickname, the City of Doors. Even stranger the city is built upon the inside of a torus, a geometric shape much like a ring. Effectively, one could start walking and after a fashion, they would reach the same point they started from, after walking around the circumference of the ring.

No true acurate measurements have ever been taken of the city due to several reasons; the main being that the city is under the whim of The Lady. She has the ability to change the city as she pleases. So what one day may only take you 5 minutes to walk, now takes you 10 because the lady willed the city to become slightly larger and thus increase the distance. On top of this, the haphazard way in which buildings have been constructed over the millennia make it nearly impossible to find a straight line to measure. Thus any measurement that has been taken is inaccurate at best or just downright wrong at the worst.

What most people hold to though, and what has been fairly consistent over the past few hundred years, is that the circumference of the inner ring on which the city is built is about 20 miles long and the inner ring is estimated to have a diameter of about 6.5 miles. The surface on which the city is built is also curved from spikeward to downward and this is estimated to give a measurement of a little under five miles. This gives a grand total area of about 94 square miles on which the city is built. With the population measured by the Fated to be hovering around 3 million permanent citizens, the population density is about 375,000 beings per square mile.

The city is watched over by The Lady of Pain. She is an enigmatic being whose origin and true power is unknown. What is known however is that she protects the city from all Powers. No deity or god can ever set foot in the city. Those that have tried have ended up floating dead in the Astral Sea. The Lady of Pain leave most of the day to day problems faced by the city to the Government formed by the citizens. The main body of which is the Hall of Speakers which is made up of elected representatives from the population. Of course these elections can not escape the influence of the Factions, all of whom take great interest in getting their members into the Hall of Speakers so that their desires can be brought to fruition. So it can be said that it is truly the Factions who run the city, albeit not directly in most cases.

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