Most of the people that one meets out on the planes are Planars. The people born and raised on the planes, whether that was the one of The Outer Planes or The Inner Planes but not including The Prime Material, are Planars. That includes, humans, elves, and any number of other mortals all the way to the “monsters” such as the Baatezu of Baator or the Celestials of Celestia. This makes it hard to sometimes tell the difference between a Prime and a Planar. Now a Devil is never going to be confused as a Prime, but a human is a human right?

Well not exactly… Humans and Elves may have originally come from the Prime but after millennia of living on the Planes those Humans or Elves have become tied to the planes. This usually manifests as some connection to a certain plane or to the Multiverse in general. For example most Planars have the ability to sense that a portal’s existence, if not its origin or how to operate said portal. This can be viewed as the Planars greater connection to the Multiverse that hase developed over time.

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