The Grand Design

This campaign was originally spawned by the many ideas that I had floating around in my head after reading through the Planescape material. I always found it incredibly interesting that the basis of the setting was belief and how that belief became manifest. The fact that everything out on the planes could trace its basis to some philosophy or primal element provided me with all kinds of concepts that I wanted to explore with the game. Not only could I provide an awesome setting with fantastic creatures and sights but all of those things now had a deeper subtext that would challenge the players/characters on a philosophical level.

So, I write this to provide a slight overview of the ideas that I am trying to place into the game and how I view some important aspects of the setting as gleaned from the source material. The other reason I elaborate here is because of the amount of change I have brought to the setting. I have mainly shifted around elements as I didn’t want to delete anything as so much though had been placed into it by the setting’s creators. However I felt that some things did not receive as much detail or where not as fleshed out so I have added to them. Of course look at our Main Page to find links to everything.

The Power of Belief

Belief is the single most important element to this game. Belief is the distilled representations of not only the character’s philosophy but what the player themselves want to see in the game. A belief not only effects how the character perceives things but how the player makes the character reacts to different event. Belief also has the power to change not only the mentality of the game but the physical landscape as well.

Three Core Concepts

The Unity of Rings

A ring has neither a beginning nor an end. A concept that applies very well to the infinity that is planes. In the multiverse everything happens as a ring. Now it may not occur in the shape of a ring, although there are plenty of examples; Sigil is in the shape of a ring, the route of the Great Road is a ring. Instead the concept of the ring is a more apt descriptor. Life is cyclical, events tend to happen in cycles, eventually leading back to where they began. The problem with rings: they can also be snares. Watch where you step or you may find yourself stuck in one.

The Rule of Threes

“Good things come in threes” says an old saying. But then again there is also the saying “Deaths come in threes.” A much darker philosophy, no?

Whatever the case may be for those sayings, one can not deny the Rule of Threes, presence in the Multiverse. It is not a physical entity, instead more of an idea or perhaps even a “natural law.” Either way, the point is that in the Multiverse things tend to happen in threes. Good, Evil and Neutrality. Law, Chaos and Neutrality. Prime, Planar and Power.

If you see two, then it would be wise to ask yourself: “Where is the third?”

The Center of the Multiverse

What is the center of the Multiverse? If many of the planes are infinite in size then where is the center of that plane? And if the planes are infinite but do not cross, then how are the planes arranged in the Multiverse? Or how is it possible that the Astral Plane is between these infinite planes? Is Sigil really at the center of the Multiverse since it has so many portals leading to and from it, as well as the fact that it sits that the center of the Outlands?

So many questions with so many answers. No one can make the claim that their answer is the only right one. Correction: Many do claim that their answer is the only right one. But can they provide proof that their answer is the only right one?

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