Tag: The Hive


  • Grey District

    p. The Grey District is probably the safest, most quiet district of the Hive. Most of the buildings are in fairly good condition, a large portion of the streets are paved and well lit, and one doesn't have to walk around watching too closely for pick …

  • Famwe

    p. The man has revealed little about himself so far except that he hails from the Prime Material of [[Ranais]]. He seems to know his way around the Grey District and he is well known by its inhabitants. He also certainly seems to love a drink.

  • Silent Brom

    p. Brom is called the Silent, it is said, because he once faced a terrible demon from the abyss that cast an aura of terror on him but he refused to succumb to the spell. Whereas the rest of his party fell to its effects and screamed like the strangest …