Beyond Countless Doorways

Session 4
Session 3
The Investigation Begins

After waking up from their campsite outside of town the party headed to the Festival Courts to try and retrieve their prize. Unfortunately when they presented themselves to the Magistrate, he informed them that the prize was claimed shortly after the many groups headed into the sewers. A warehouse manager in the employ of the Steinhager family found the goblin crushed under some crates. The party quickly produced the goblin’s skull and three legged pelvis and pleaded their case. The Magistrate was taken aback by the unquestionable evidence and assured the party that he would look into the matter by conferring with the rest of the town council. He asked for the party to check back with him here at the Festival Courts later in the evening or to check in at Town Hall.

The party then headed into town to establish a base of operations selecting an inn near the waterfront. After cleaning the grime from their sewer travels the group decided to visit Town Hall and see if they could gain their prize there. On their way the group ran into a strange man shouting evil premonitions about the town and its coming downfall. The party could not make out much of what the man was saying and as they drew closer the man ran off into the city.

Once the party reached Town Hall they were greeted by a clerk who had little interest in dealing with them. After listening to his story and receiving permission from a council member the clerk took the name of their inn so that the Council could pay for their lodging to cover any problems of the group. Not satisfied the party further insisted and with some sly talking from Anora the clerk lead them to the office of Johannes Tugen. Welcoming them to his office Tugen listened to their story with great interest as it was very strange that two different groups claimed to have killed such a unique creature. He assured them that he would confer with the rest of the council. The group then noticed that the man was wearing a ring that carried the same symbol as the one they discovered in the hidden temple.

This caused some alarm for the group leading to Anora to try and cast a Charm person spell on Tugen to try and find the truth. However the spell simply failed as it landed upon Tugen. A flash of anger slipped across Tugen’s face before he was able to regain his composure and ask if there was anything else that he could do to help the party. With no further business he led the group back to the main entrance and returned to his work. The party then discovered they were not alone in the Entrance hall, as there was a man standing by one of the side hallways staring at them, sending a cold shiver down their spine. Confronting the man, he named himself Gideon and in return asked the party’s name. Smiling he welcomed them to Bogenhafen and excused himself as he had a meeting to attend.

The party then decided to investigate the Warehouse where the goblin was supposedly killed. Once they made their way to the warehouse the group found a drunk man sleeping against some of the bags of grain within the warehouse. Anora slipped off to try and discover any signs of the goblin while Baruke woke the man. The man introduced himself as Anton Breugal, the man who killed the goblin. Baruke began to question the man about what happened with the goblin. Breugal told him of how he was tending to the warehouse and discovered the goblin. He was then able to fight off the goblin, quickly killing him with his club. Returning from searching the warehouse and finding nothing, they confronted Breugal about his lies. Telling them to shove off, Baruke forced Breugal against the wall while Anora held her knife to his throat. Begging for his life, he told the group that he was just covering for Steinhager and that he had never seen the goblin. The group paid Breugal to stay quiet and that when they gather some more evidence then they will come back and get him.

After wondering around the water front for a time, gathering some information about the town from the locals, the group headed to the Temple to see if they could use the temple’s library collection. After a short search they were not able to anything about the symbol they saw in the temple or on Tugen’s ring. However after talking with a scribe working in the library they were informed that the symbol is for the Ordo Septenarius, a local group of merchants that was an extension of the Merchant Guild.

Leaving the temple the group decided to check back with Magistrate Richter to see if he had any luck gathering information about the goblin. When they reach the Festival Courts the party could find Richter. Instead he had been replaced as he had fallen ill upon returning from an errand. Heading to the Magistrate’s home the party discovered Richter in bed extremely sick. The apothecary tending to him said that the Magistrate did not have long to live as his illness was very severe. The apothecary also was not sure of a cure as he was not familiar with the disease. The only other time he had seen these symptoms were when Johannes Tugen’s older brother Karl Tugen fell since some years ago.

Deciding that it would then be a good idea to revisit the hidden temple the group snuck their way back into the sewers. But upon reentering the room where the temple was hidden the group found nothing. It was as if someone had come and cleaned up the existence of the temple. The only thing that the group found was a white handkerchief with the monogram “F.S.” emblazoned upon it. Deciding to investigate the sewers further the group search for a few hours until they came closer to the river and discovered the body of Anton Breugal. The man had been stabbed several times in the chest and left for dead.

Retreating from the sewers the group began to make their way back through town to their inn. On their way the group’s path became blocked by a few thugs, covering all routes of escape. One of the thugs stepped forward and threatened the group, saying that if they did not leave town then the thugs would return and they would end up dead in the river. Thus thugs then left the group to return to their inn.

Session 2.5
Into the Sewers

Accepting the duty to search for the escaped goblin the party was led by a Watchman to a sewer entrance. Climbing down into the sewer the party surveyed their surroundings and decided to head north to look for where the goblin entered into the sewer. After wondering through the tunnels for a short period the group stumbled upon an unexpected doorway. Anora attempted to pry the door open but was unable to do so. Passing the pry bar to Baruke the door was swiftly opened, only to find that the door was blocked by a large stack of crates and barrels. Baruke used his axe to chop a hole into a crate, finding flour. Not expecting flour, the group quickly moved on.

Heading down a different tunnel the group stumbled upon a pile of refuse blocking most of the flow in the sewer. Leogeon moved forward and using his staff poked about the refuse. To his surprise a human hand poked out of the pile as it shifted. The group then quickly cleared off the grime and other collected materials to uncover a horribly mutilated man. The man was missing his left arm and his chest had been ripped open allowing for his heart to be removed. Further disturbing the party it turned out to be the man they had met earlier locked in the stocks.

Hurrying further down the tunnel with a plan to grab the goblin and run, the group stumbled upon another door. This door had a puddle of the goblin’s blood in front of it. Emboldening the party the group busted through the door to find a hidden temple. As the group started to enter the room they spotted what appeared to be the remains of the goblin laying by a pentagram painted upon the floor. However before they could gather the remains a rancid black smoke began to issue forth from the pentagram painted on the floor. After nearly filling the center of the room the smoke condensed into a tight cloud from which stepped a Demon.

After gathering himself the Demon demanded to know who had entered the temple. After a few quick exchanges the party was able to establish that the Demon had no interest in them and would allow them to leave as long as they would not disturb the temple. Taking the goblin’s pelvis with them the group hastily retreated from the room and exited the sewers. Deciding to camp in the woods for the night and claim that the goblin had escaped the sewers and been eaten by a bear or other large creature, the group headed out of the city to make camp in the surrounding woods.

Session 2
A Day at the Fair pt. 2

Counting their winnings the group settled into a few seats at a near by beer tent. They were not ale to settle in for long before they were accosted by a drunk reveler who had apparently lost money betting against Baruke in the fight. The problem nearly exploded into a fight but Baruke was able to pass off a near by beverage as a courtesy drink, placating the drunkard.

Deciding to move on from the Beer Tent the group was attracted to a near by show labeled “Doctor Mathusila’s Zoological Wonders. Not to keen on paying the entrance fee, Anora quickly gathered a few bits of clothing and gear to pass herself off as a worker at the menagerie. Slipping by the bodyguard, Anora checked the different sights in the menagerie, deciding that it would be worth the rest of the group to join her. Heading back to the entrance, she convinced the bodyguard at the entrance that the Doctor wanted him sent on an errand and she was to take over for him. The bodyguard, looking skeptical, grudgingly accepted the task and set off into the fair.

Leaving the entrance of the menagerie unguarded the group head into the tent. They took into the different sights and strange creatures before being drawn to a group gathering at the other end of the tent. Making their way over to the crowd and pushing their way to the front, the group was greeted by a large cage covered in a blanket. A figure clothed in a very well made but of the most mismatched colors ever seen, made his way onto a stand off to the side of the cage. The man introduced himself to the crowd as Doctor Mathusila, the owner of the menagerie, and he began to regal the crowd with the wonders they were about to see. After a rather long winded speech a helper pulled the blanket aside to reveal a three legged goblin.

The Doctor’s helper then lead the goblin out of the cage only to have the goblin bite him, allowing the goblin to attempt an escape. Unfortunately the goblin ran right at the party and was caught by Baruke single handed. The Doctor was most gracious for the help and offered 5 gold crowns for the help but Baruke pushed for more causing the Doctor to double the reward. With the show now over the group made their way out only to fine chaos at the front gate due to the group sending the bodyguard off. They were met by a group of laborers attempting to carry off the chest of entrance fees and several people passing into the menagerie without paying

Leaving the chaos they had created, the group headed by the festival courts finding a man in the stocks being pelted with mud. Anora took pity upon the man and wiped some of the grim from the man’s face. The man thanked her profusely and pleaded with her to pay his fine and free him from the stocks. Finding the man’s fine too high the group moved on to the Jousting Lists. The group didn’t find the crowd as pleasing as the crowd around the wrestling ring however due to the lack of bets being placed on the jousting knights.

After watching the knights for several rounds the group decided to check out the town but they were interrupted by a commotion raised by the goblin escaping from the menagerie. The goblin ran through the crowd causing a stir before escaping into the sewers. The watch gathered the crowd together and brought the witnesses to the festival courts. After gathering witness accounts the Magistrate offered a 50 gold crown reward to which the Doctor added another 50 gold crowns if the goblin was brought back alive.

Session 1
A Day at the Fair

A group of foreigners, who found common interest in travel together, found themselves on the edge of a town called Bogenhafen. The town was in the midst of celebrating its annual end of Summer festival, in which the foreigners were more then happy to partake. After imbibing a few drinks and wondering through the near endless amount of vendor stalls the group happened upon a wrestling ring near the center of the festival.

Unable to resist the challenge issued by the duo running the ring, the dwarf Baruke Splintersteel, stripped off his armor and climbed into the ring. Baruke gladly accepted the bet of five gold coins to wrestle the current champion Crusher for at least three minutes, or triple if he defeated Crusher before the time ran out. Working deftly through the surrounding crowd, Baruke’s traveling companions Anora and Leogeon, placed a few bets. Their bets were accepted very willingly as Crusher had already defeated seven other challengers that day.

Once in the ring and the starting bell rung, Baruke was quickly rushed by Crusher. Baruke was able to expertly duck the attack and issue a quick jab to the attacker’s ribs. This caused Crusher to loose his wind and stumble back; glaring at Baruke, as the dwarf was obviously going to be more of a challenge then his small stature belied. The champion took this moment to try and rally the crowd behind him by issuing a few insults towards the dwarf and calling for some cheers from the crowd. However the dwarf’s traveling companion Anora raised her voice above the crowd and recited the story of Baruke’s ancestors’ great deeds and conquests. Seeing this as an opportunity the dwarf and feeling inspired by Anora’s stories, he rushed forward to bull rush his opponent.

Baruke was able to catch his opponent right in the chest and knocked him over the side of the wrestling ring and into the crowd. The crowd let out a loud cheer as the champion floundered in the dirt and the dwarf celebrated his feat. Crusher was not about to let this insult lie however, and he vaulted himself back over the side of the ring allowing for a flying kick against the dwarf. The blow caught the dwarf unaware sending him stumbling backwards.

The dwarf quickly rebounded, jumping back at his opponent, trying to land a flying punch to Crusher’s face. The large man, moving faster then his large frame would seem to allow him, quickly side stepped the attack and lunged forward. Crusher swung wildly, missing his target, leaving himself wide open to the dwarf. Baruke seized this opportunity and threw all of his strength into a punch straight into Crusher’s face. Breaking his nose and sending blood splattering across the ring’s floor, Baruke stood victorious over the champion much to the chargrin of the ring master who issued the challenge.

Collecting the group’s winnings, despite protests and reluctance from those who took the bets, the group was able to head off to a beer tent to celebrate!

Session 0
Chance Meetings

A Young Tilean women was on the run. She had committed a heinous act that made her an outlaw in her own lands. She had killed the Prince. The Prince was a despot, hated by his people, but the Prince nonetheless. While she had gained the hearts of most of her countrymen, they at the same time could not cheer her for the champion she was. To kill a member of the Royal Court, much less someone who carried Royal Blood, was to mark oneself for death. And so, she ran for her life fleeing into the disputed lands of the West.

It was here in the battlegrounds of the west that the young women Anora met an elf by the name of Leogeon. He had recently made landing in the Old World as part of his quest to gather magical knowledge. A student of mysticism and the arcane in his homeland, Leogeon had grown tired of his teachers’ slow, tedious, lessons and decided to journey in search of his own ways. Coming across Anora in a small trade town he recognized a special spark within her that he was able to identify as the spark of the arcane. The two joined forces and decided to journey northward across the Black Mountains into the Empire of the North.

Their journey went not unmolested however as they were set upon by war band of Orcs. Beset upon their trek by a war band preparing to raid the southern parts of the Empire. The two would have been over run were it not for the heroic efforts of a raging dwarf. The dwarf explained that he was upon a journey of his own as he sought to redeem his family’s honor after his father’s failures. Deciding they would be better off working together the three joined forces and traveled out of the mountains in search of their destiny.


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