Johannes Tugen

A tall, heavy built man who is a member of the City Council and the Merchant Guild.


A tall, heavy built man, with dark but expertly trimmed, in his late 50’s. His face is heavily lined and pale but still in good health. He is finely dressed and wears a gold necklace detailed with his family emblem; a rose over a stylized circular cross. His hands hold many rings, displaying his wealth, and for some reason bear a few cuts and other such marks.


Johannes Tugen has only recently returned to Bogenhafen and joined the City Council. He is actually the second son on the Tugen family that has resided in Bogenhafen for several generations. Johannes’ older brother took over the family business when it came time, leaving Johannes with no room within the business. This caused him to leave town and establish himself in other parts of the Empire. This eventually led him to a successful business in Nuln.

Just a few years ago, Johannes brother died leaving Johannes the next in line Tugen family member to take over the business. Leaving behind his business in Nuln, Johannes returned to Bogenhafen with his distant cousin Gideon, to take over the business. Within a year Johannes turned around the failing business, which had fallen from grace under his brother. Johannes quickly rose in prominence, becoming a leading member in the Merchant Guild and then the City Council.

It appears that he is the head of the Ordo Septenarius and is aiming to conduct a ritual that will manipulate the Empire’s economy and bring untold riches to himself and his conspirators. The death of his brother was no accident but the result of a deal that Tugen made with the devil Gideon. He was tricked into helping to complete the ritual that opened a portal to Baator in Bogenhafen. He was then betrayed by Gideon, who threw him into the portal, leaving him for dead.

Johannes Tugen

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