Silent Brom

A calm, reserved man, with a hacking cough and pale figure.


Brom is called the Silent, it is said, because he once faced a terrible demon from the abyss that cast an aura of terror on him but he refused to succumb to the spell. Whereas the rest of his party fell to its effects and screamed like the strangest of barmies, Brom stood resilient and faced down the demon. Unfortunately that is also the same encounter that infected him with the strange disease that now racks his body. No cure has been discovered in the number of years since he has been infected and so now his body is slowly decaying.

Brom became a Voice about 12 years ago, after living for many years in the area and taking it upon himself to mediate between newcomers to the district and those who already lived in Wailer’s Square. He is a very leveled headed man with an extremem level of patience. He is also a member of the Free League.

Silent Brom

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