Magistrate Heinz Richter

A grey haired, gruff man with a stern look in his early 50's. A well dressed man who runs the festival courts fairly and quickly.


A member of the town council for some time, but of no special prominence. He has recently been put in charge of running the Festival Courts for the duration of the Schaffenfest. When the Goblin escaped, and after gathering information on the incident, Richter offered a reward of 50 gold crowns to the party who could retrieve the Goblin, dead or alive.

When the party returned to the Festival Courts with the Goblin’s pelvis in hand, to claim their prize, Magistrate Richter informed them that the goblin had already been reported dead by falling crates, in a warehouse owned by the Steinhager family. The warehouse is no. 4 from the west end long the river.

Magistrate Heinz Richter

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