A small Spinagon from Avernus, who is now cut off from his race.


A Spinagon found in Baator, in the service of Bel. Tricked into helping the party by convincing him that the party also worked for Bel but were on a secret mission that could not be revealed. Joining the party he traveled with them acting as a guide across Avernus.

When the party finally reached the portal to leave Avernus, Halitsu was going to stay behind but when confronted by Al’kermon he sided with the party as he believed they could defend him from the guardian. This led to him being tossed through a portal to Sigil, with no way home and grim prospects waiting for him as he abandoned post.

Deciding it would be better to stay with the party, Halitsu has become a companion of the party. Providing a very distinct outlook on the Multiverse, Halitsu has spent no time away from Avernus before and so everything he is experiencing is new to him.


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