Frederick Magirius

A middle aged, distinguished looking man. A Town Council member as well as a member of the local Merchant Guild.


Frederick Magirius is the head of one of the smaller merchant families in Bogenhafen. Not having the resources of the Tugen, Steinhager or Ruggbroder families, Magirius has had to make his money is more specialized trade. He has done well for himself and has established himself as a trust worthy man in Bogenhafen. He is a Town Council member as well as a prominent member of the Merchant’s guild, running many of the guild’s activities.

He has recently been discovered killed in his home by some unknown person. The blame however has been placed upon the party due to the plans of the Ordo Septenarius. This is probably due to the fact that he had recently turned on the Ordo and looked to the party to help defeat the group.

Frederick Magirius

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