Franz Steinhager

An older but prominent Gentleman, at the head of the Steinhager Merchant Family.


Franz Steinhage has been the head of the Steinhager family for about 10 years since the death of his father. He has been able to maintain the family’s wealth but has not been able to do much to increase that wealth. This has put his family to shame considering the rise of the Tugen family back into prominence with the return of Johannes Tugen.

Franz does not participate much in the Bogenhafen social scene, preferring to stay aloof and leave those dealings to his younger brother Heinrich Steinhager. This has given him a reputation as a cantankerous man who is hard to deal with. He is often brash with those he speaks to, often leaving those he meets with a bad taste in their mouth.

Presumedly killed in the ritual that opened a portal to Baator in Bogenhafen.

Franz Steinhager

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