Beyond Countless Doorways

Session 9

Welcome to Sigil

Stumbling out of the portal the duo breathed deeply trying to catch their breath from the flying leap they just made through the portal. The found it hard though as the air was thin, as the air is on top of a mountain, and laced with smog from some unknown source. An array of smells assaulted their noses that were now free from the omnipresent smell of burnt ozone that covered all of Avernus. They smelled cooking fires, trash, unwashed bodies, tanneries, and thousands of other smells; common smells of a city.

Looking around the two picked up Halitsu who was laying upon the ground, apparently knocked out from the toss Anora gave him through the portal. Then finally taking in thir surroundings the group found themselves in an alleyway between what appeared to be large hastily or cheaply built tenement buildings constructed of a variety of material. The sky was obscured by the overhanging buildings and the clothes lines that were strung between the buildings, and the alleyway itself swung off in one direction in a haphazard manner blocking a line of sight. In the other direction was a dead end with a collection of trash. In the pile of trash appeared to be a man dozing contently.

Worried about the man’s condition Baruke woke the man to make sure he was alright. The man awoke, startled, spouting some language that neither of the group understood, including the small devil. Standing up, the man brushed himself off and pushed back the wide brim hat that had been covering his face, revealing dark ebony colored skin speckled with white scraggly hair. Speaking more in the language the man looked questioningly at the group. Shaking his head he switched to another language, before finally speaking in some sort of Dwarven that the group could understand, although it was heavily accented and filled with several words that did not make any sense.

The man introduced himself as Famwe and inquired as to why he was woken up. Quickly brushing over the matter Famwe brought the topic to who the party was and why were they here in Sigil. Discovering that the group were new to the planes he offered to take them to a place that they could find work and possibly a place to stay, something he recommended they should do as it was not wise to be with out a safe haven in Sigil. Leading them down and out of the alley way he turned into a dirt street and set off into the city.

The sight of the street amazed the party as it was a fantastical sight. The street was filled with an amazing assortment of creatures of all shapes and sizes as well as beings they were used to seeing, albeit in different dress styles and manners. A creature that was like a centaur out of legend walked passed them however instead of a body like a horse it was a goat’s body, and two goat horns sprouted from the creatures head. Further down the road there was a cart, pulled by a rather miserable looking mule, that was filled with dead bodies. Even stranger was that tied to the back of the cart by a length of rope, appeared to be a walking corpse!

Looking passed all the creatures however lead to an even stranger discovery. Tracing the length of the street it appeared that it ran uphill until reaching an end at some buildings. However the hill looked like it continued passed the buildings rising up further. In fact it looked like the hill rose so high that they could not see the sky beyond it. Tracing the hill further and further the two travelers found themselves dumbfounded as they traced the city until it was directly above them. It appeared some distance away yet they could almost make out the movement of other people and carts through streets just like the one in which they stood.

Laughing at them for nearly tripping over themselves, Famwe explained that their reaction is pretty much the same as everyone else’s who first come to the Cage. He said what really puts people through a loop though is figuring out that we are actually on our side. He then pointed off in the distance outside of the city. Just barely visible in the distance was what appeared to be the top of a large, thin mountain jutting up from some unseen landmass. Watching the reactions on the duo’s face, the man laughed again and urged them to continue on, adding on to watch out for Knights of the Post, they’ll nip a purse if they get a chance.

Leading them further through the city the group eventually found its way to a large square which at the center stood a large fountain. The fountain was carved of some sort of black stone and it depicted three demon like creatures with long necks like dragons, which swung down leading to open mouths that poured water into the fountain’s basin base. All around the fountain gather different groups of people all in various states of grief, facing the statue with different holy symbols raised. Passed all the groups were a scattering of tents, like some sort of market. Famwe explained that this was Wailer’s Square the center of the Grey District. It is the hub of the surrounding community and functioned as a roughshod market place for all kinds of funerary goods due to the close proximity to the Mortuary the headquarters of the Dustmen. The fountain in the center of the square is also said to have magics within it that acts as a conduit which connects those who wish to send word to their loved ones in the after life. Famwe then commented that most of the most “animated” wailers here in the square actually belong to the Wailer’s Guild, a group that maintains the fountain and act on behalf of people who wish to contact family. Professional Mouners.

Pushing his way through the crowd and calling for the group to follow he made his way directly across the square to a stout looking building constucted of stone on the first floor and wood for the upper two. Above the door hung a sign depicting a black cloaked women who held up her hand as if in a quieting motion. “The Whispering Word” says Famwe, “the best establishment in the district.” Stepping inside the group was greeted by a rather morbid atmosphere as the tavern was decorated like it were a funerary home. All the tables were shaped like coffin lids and across the room were various skulls displayed from many different species. A serving maid came to greet them but she scowled when she recognized Famwe. After exchanging a few words in a language the group didn’t understand the maid disappeared into the back room, returning a few moments later followed by a sizable older man.

The man had the tanned skin of a many who has spent years working in the sun. He was bald and appeared to have a nose that has been broken in too many fights. Approaching Famwe the two men shook hands and exchanged a few words before leading the group to a table while Famwe went to the bar for a drink. Offering them a seat, the bald man took a seat across from them and then spoke in very slow speech. “My name is Grum, the owner of this Inn, Famwe tells me that you are new to town, so sorry if this is a bit hard for you to understand, but you will have to get used to it as it is the common tongue here on the planes.” The man had to repeat a few words for the duo but slowly the words came together for them. “It is one of the mysteries of the planes but somehow some thread of speech made its way through a large number of worlds. It appears that your worlds was touched sometime in the past and so we can understand each other if we choose our words. After a few days you will get used to it so that people with a fast tongue like Famwe over there can be understood. Now we need to wait for the other two Voices before we can discuss the business that Famwe brought you here for however since you two look like you have seen better days how bout some food and drink. I will send some out for you.” With that the man stood and returned to the bar, passing word to a serving maid who went into the back room returning quickly with a tray holding bowls of stew and hunks of bread. Picking up mugs of ale pour by Grum, the maid brought the food to the table and placed it before everyone. “It’s not the best food you can find in Sigil, but at least it won’t kill you.” The maid said with a smile, before setting about to other work in the Inn.

A short time after the food was finished, two figures entered the bar and were greeted by Grum. After a short conversation the three figures made their way to the party’s table and took seats across from the party. The taller figure was a skinny man with dark hair that look pale and sickly. The other was a shorter women, dressed in black robes, that also had two small ivory horns extending form her forehead. Grum introduced the two as Brom and Mother Xero, the other two Voices of Wailer’s Square. He explained that the Voices had no real authority but instead were like village Elders that the rest of the community looked to for guidance and advice. Unfortunately it has come to pass that a number of problems have occurred in the area and they are in need of people who would be willing to work on behalf of the community and restore order. The Voices have settled on looking to outsiders such as the party because it would avoid any entanglements with Factions that may cause problems as the outfit would go about its business. It also provides an alternative to letting the Harmonium working wholesale through the district, something everyone in the community would want to avoid.

If the group would be willing to accept the position of Community Guard then they would be provided room and board at the Whispering Word as well as compensation that would be appropriate for their actions.



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