Beyond Countless Doorways

Session 6.5

The End of Leogeon Silentread

The young wizard ran down a side street off the Gottenplatz, away from the chaos that was engulfing the center of town. A thousand thoughts ran through his head as contemplated what happened to his two friends who had disappeared through one of those portals created by the energy bolts. It excited Leogeon that there was now evidence that other worlds did exist, however horrible they were as evident by these disgusting creatures.

He then cursed himself for not listening closer to the teachings of his Elders back in the Academy, concerning the hell creatures he now faced. The ancient texts spoke of portals to other worlds and how some of these worlds were inhabited by foul creatures like these. They also spoke of how there was a war that occured long ago that sealed the portals leading to this world, protecting it from the outside dangers. But now it appears that with the work done by that greedy Tugen those thousands of ears of protection were no broken.

Rounding the corner of the street, Leogeon found himself confronted with a pack of the devils herding a group of citizens towards a portal. Leaping forward, he stuck two of the creatures with his staff and launched an arcane bolt at the third. Side stepping a fourth creature, he pulled out his sword and made quick work of the creature. Feeling emboldened by his actions, the once cowed citizens turned on their captures, letting go the fury they felt for their destroyed homes.

With the immediate threat dealt with, Leogeon directed the group to make their way out of town and spread the word about what had happened hear. Word must reach other cities so that armies can be rallied and brought to put an end to this menace. A man stepped forward and said his brother lived outside of town and had horses. The elf told them to head there and then send riders out. With that, Leogeon headed off, rounded back around to get a better sight at the giant fountain of energy that consumed the center of town.

The fountain was a menacing sight, as the creature that perched atop the fountain stared down at the fleeing people with a grin upon its monstrous face. He must do something to stop that creature, as it seemed to be the source of the power for the invasion. Setting off through the town he began to make his way closer to the fountain, despite the many hazards that blocked his way.

Entering a building whose door had been ripped from its hinges, he found the stairs and climbed his way to the roof. Settling down just out of sight of the creature, the young elf thought back upon his studies. Thoughts raced through his head like lightning as he tried to devise a spell that might have some effect upon the creature. Settling upon a variation of a summoning spell, it was perhaps possible to modify the spell and banish the creature. His powers were no where near as strong as his teachers, but he must try something. Reaching into his pocket he produced the ring the devil Gideon had worn; Leogeon felt that if he perhaps focused the spell through the ring it might be able to effect the creature like it did Gideon.

Chanting the words of the spell, the elf felt the surge of mana flow into him, forming the spell. Trying to work quickly and avoid detection, Leogeon continued to gather more mana then he needed to cast the spell. His teachers had warned him that he might burn himself out, or worse even kill himself, but if he didn’t try this then he would probably die anyway. Forcing the pulsating energy through the ring, he then traced the arcane symbols for the spell in the air and pointed to the creature. The spell flew true and smashed into the creature with a brilliant flash.

Leogeon roared with pride as the spell found its target. But the excitement left his face when the light cleared and the creature still sat perched on top of the fountain. The grin upon its face though shifted to one of anger as it turned his direction and settled its eyes upon the roof top where Leogeon stood. With astonishing speed for a creature its size, it shot its arm down towards the roof, snatching for the elf. Reacting in just enough time, Leogeon threw himself from the roof, falling the two stories to the cobbled streets, landing with a jolt, tearing at his left leg. Collapsing with pain, giant timbers tumbled down around him as the creature’s hand smashed into the building tearing it apart as if it were made of twigs. Forcing himself to stand despite the now broken leg, Leogeon shuffled down the street trying to escape the now furious random attacks of the giant devil.

Ducking into an alley way down the street, Leogeon sat down and began to treat his leg. Unsure of what to do next, he breathed deeply as he counted his options. He then began to stand when the building he sat across from exploded, exposing the face of the creature who hunted him. Standing defiantly, the young elf, faced the creature as it examined him. The creature then smiled as it began to reach for him. Trying to quickly gather more energy, he was unable to handle any when the creature grabbed him and hauled him hundreds of feet in the air. From this height he could make out, much of the town on fire or destroyed, yet many of the citizens had escaped beyond the city walls. Hopefully word will reach the seats of power for the Empire and something could be done. The humans should have the magics to turn back this force, and if they don’t then woe be upon this world.

Reaching the pinacle of the fountain the creature returned to its original shape as it held Leogeon before its face. Leogeon began to chant to himself the words of his ancestors,a prayer for those who have passed and those who will be. A calm settled through him as he felt the presence of his family and all those who had come before him. He was consumed by the bright light of his family’s star as he prepared himself for his journey to the afterlife. He felt as the creature lifted him over its head, and the heat the emanated from inside the creature as it opened its maw. A great blackness with a distant fire faced him from that maw. With the final words of the prayer, the creature dropped Leogeon into the maw which slid shut behind him. A giant smile returned to the devil’s face as it returned its attention to its forces conquering the town.



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