Beyond Countless Doorways

Session 6

To Stop the Ritual

The group decided that since they were not sure what they faced at the warehouse, a few scouts were sent out from the group Bruggmen had gathered. They returned to tell how there were a group of strange cloaked men, who were obviously armed, gathered around warehouse 13. However the scouts were not able to gather too much beyond that because when they got too close the men questioned them and sent them off. With the warehouse being owned by the Tugen Family and the suspicious activity occurring there, the party set of towards the warehouse. The group’s confidence was shaken slightly when they noticed the face in the moon now moved. Its eyes spun around in its sockets before settling upon a gazed towards the town. A slender tongue then flicked out from between the face’s lips, licking as if awaiting a delicious meal.

Once the group reached the warehouse, the group split up with the Thieves’ Guild members dispersing through the are as not to attract attention. While this was occurring a cart bearing the sign of the Tugen Family arrived at the warehouse, depositing three cloaked figures carrying a large sack that was writhing as if someone was inside. These figures moved quickly inside shutting the door behind them. Several guardsmen also climbed from the back of the cart taking station by the front door of the warehouse.

Gathering behind the warehouse the party helped four Guild members onto the roof so that they may gain an advantage during the assault. This did not go unnoticed as a guard stationed by the parked cart heard them scaling the walls. Drawn to the rear of the warehouse the group quickly adopted the guise of a drunken group loudly celebrating their merriment. Shouting word to his fellow guards the party was pushed off into the night, but saved from discovery. While the group moved off another carriage arrived dropping off several more cloaked figures who hurried inside the warehouse as the carriage pulled off into the night.

Anora and Bruggmen then doubled back to were the guard stood by the carriage. Sneaking up behind the guard Anora attempted to stealthily kill the man from behind but the guard sensed her at the last second, just barely able to deflect her attack while still receiving a nasty gash across his shoulder. The guard slashed at Anora in retailiation but she deftly ducked under his sword attack and in return drew her rapier in one swift motion. However her attack did not find its target as the man shifted out of the attack’s way. Bruggmen seeing Anora in trouble ran forward to help, dodging the guards attempts to defend himself, plunging his sword into the man’s side. With the man defeated the two stuffed him into the carriage and took up positions for the assult.

Meanwhile on the other side of the warehouse Baruke Splintersteel and Altair made their way to some barrels by a small window looking into the warhouse. Hoisting himself into position Baruke peered through the window to find a horrible sight. At the center of the warehouse stood the reconstruction of the Hidden Temple from the sewers. The centerpiece was a large copper ring on the floor with a pentagram drawn within. At each point of the pentagram stood a silver candle stick holding a black candle which burned with an erie glow. In between each candle stood a hooded figure chanting in an unrecognizable tongue. Looking closer Baruke then noticed that there was a stripped man laying at the center of the pentagram restrained with some chains. The man struggled slightly but appeared slightly drugged, probably to calm him or maybe as part of the ritual.

Looking across the rest of the warehouse Baruke found Tugen dressed in similar robes as those who stood in the circle but his hood pulled back to reveil a skull helmet with cow like horns on either side. He stood chanting at an alter upon which lay a silver platter and a kriss. Painted upon the back wall of the warhouse was a large beastial face similar to the one in the Ordo Septenarius symbol. Off to the side of the alter stood Gideon Tugen. Tugen then suddenly stopped chanting, and wielding the kriss, turned to the circle and offered a demonic prayer. Striding forward Tugen stepped into the circle and plunged the kriss into the restrained man carving open the man’s chest. Reaching into the newly opened wound Tugen pulled out the man’s heart and raised it over his head while the other robed figure’s chant rose into a crescendo.

Jumping down from the window, as he had seen enough, Baruke and Altair moved forward into position for the attack. Seeing the signal that all were ready, Anora gave the attack signal. The party and their allies surged from their hiding spaces assaulting the guards who stood fast at the warhouse doors. It was a quick battle with little injuries to be had by the group. The guardsmen fell quickly to the groups tactics and superior numbers. With the guards dealt with, the group turned the the warhouse door and the horrors that awaited them inside. Anora doned Magirius’ vestments, hoping to sneak her way into the ritual but was floundered when she found the door locked. Stepping forward Altair quicky went to work picking the lock and was finished in a few minutes.

Sweeping the doors open Anora stepping into the warehouse just as Gideon steeping from beside the alter. He raised his hands above his head while chanting in a horrible other worldly voice. Gideon then removed the black Ordo ring he wore causing a ripple of arcane energy to fly through the room. His figure then flickered as he pulled his arms in around himself and settled into a crouch. There was a flash and then in the place stood a demonic figure nearly eight feet tall. The devil spread its wings, as if stretching before letting out that same laugh the group heard in Magirius’ home. Pointing at Anora in Magirius’ vestments, Gideon roared that she would have no need for the robes as it was already too late.

With those words Gideon stretched an arm forward and sent a bolt of red energy into the center of the circle. With that bolt a rumble began shaking the entire building. A bright red light then formed around the circle before shooting up to the ceiling. The rumbling grew more powerful, before the circle of light fell in upon itself, collapsing into the copper circle. As the light hit the inside of the circle the ground within the circle gave way, taking with it the cultist as well as the now dead sacrifice. The cultists’ chants quickly changed to screams of torment as they fell into the bottomless pit. Anora stood frightened as the screams continued until they faded into the distance as if the pit was so deep one could not hear the bottom.

At this point the awesome sight was too much for the Guildsman, who ran off into the night leaving the group alone with Altair and Bruggmen. With this Tugen laughed and began thanking Gideon for now his soul could be returned to him. Gideon laughed as well but then quick as a striking snake, lashed out with a clawed hand and grabbed Tugen, lifting him off the ground. Stunned Tugen grasped at the devil’s hand unable to do anything against the creatures strength. Gasping, the man was able to say “Why?” Laughing Gideon explained that Tugen was a fool. Did he really think that he would have recieved his soul back? What a simpleton. No my “friend,” he had simply been a pawn in a greater plan. Why settle for one soul, or even seven, when the entire world was ripe for the taking? “We, Baatezu” the devil explained, “often find it hard to cross over into the Prime with our own powers, but with the help of a greedy mortal like yourself, we can open a direct portal to the Pit. The portal just needs on more soul to complete it.” With that the devil threw Tugen screaming into the hole before turning to the party.

Gideon then smiled at the party and spit out “You all have been a trouble in my side the past few days but as you can see, your trouble have still been to no avail, the ritual is now complete. Now you may see the awesome power that has been summoned.” With that the light around the hole pulsed and again the red column of light shot out smashing against the roof sending thousands of bits of debris flying outward, covering the party and the surrounding area. The column of light grew to what must have been a mile high, consuming the moon. The face in the moon looked to be laughing as the moon faded into the fountain of red light. Bursting from the light, and assuming a seat upon the fountain, grew a large demonic figure bearing the face that was upon the moon. Leaning back as if laughing, no sound issued from the figure, until an unearthly roar from a distance filled everyone’s ears.

Overcoming the horendous sight, Anora drew out her crossbow and fired a bolt at the devil Gideon. The creature took the bolt in the shoulder but appeared unfased by the attack. Flying into a rage Baruke then leaped passed Anora slashing into the beast. Chopping wildly Baruke was able to make a few attacks passed the horrible black blade that Gideon wielded, digging deeply into the creature’s red flesh. Leogon, not standing idly began to fire off arcane magics at the creature. Taking one last blow at Baruke, Gideon realed at the fury of the dwarf before diving into the slowly growing pit that had been the copper circle. Deciding it was best to leave the warehouse the party rant to warn the town.

Leaving the warehouse district the party quickly discovered the town in a panic. This panic rose into a riot when the column of evil energy began to pulse and shoot off giant bolts of energy that fell to the city, smashing through buildings and into the streets. As the party entered the main Plaza of the city, one such bolt slammed into the ground not far from were they stood. The bolt then formed into some sort of arch whose outline then solidified into some kind of border. As the group stared in amazement, two oversized skulls came flying through the arch screaming in some strange language. The skulls flew into the air before circling down to harry the fleeing townspeople. Legeon let loose another arcane bolt which smashed into one of the flying skulls. Before much else could happen two more beasts emerged from the arch presenting the group his a disgusting sight. The creatures, standing about four feet tall, appeared to be made of a melting flesh-like ooze, constantly shifting in upon itself and dripping to the ground.

Anora lashed out with her rapier slicing into one of the creature’s shoulders. The blade dug deep however the flesh closed up around the blade, seemingly healing itself. Anora quickly withdrew her blade, noticing that the wound had only partly healed itself. This drove the creature mad, as it lunged at Anora, who was able to quickly dodge away. Baruke meanwhile had confronted the other beast and placing all of his strength behind his attack was able to cleave the creature in two. As the two halves fell to the ground a strange energy rose from the body and flew back into the portal. The dwarf then turned to see Anora fending off the creature, ruched over dealing a quick death blow. Again the strange arcane energy rose out of the body and retreated into the portal.

As the group shouted at one another about what to do, another bolt of energy slammed to the ground on the far side of the plaza. Again an arch formed but his time taller lizard like creatures emerged with what looked like lassos on the end of poles. The creatures began to gather humans and drag them back into the portal. Deciding that the fight must be carried to the source Anora ran over to the portal and reluctantly place a single finger into the mystic energy. Strangely the portal, despite its fiery color, felt cold to the touch. Then a strange feeling arouse within her, as if something was brushing against the inside of her mind. The feeling then grew taught and pulled her forward into the portal. Watching his friend get pulled into the portal Baruke charge forward and dove in head first, not knowing where the portal would carry him. All he wished was that they would not end up in a land where those disgusting fleshy creatures were allowed to live.



this is awesome! but im pretty sure we got further than this point.

Session 6

edit: refer to session 7.

Session 6

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