Beyond Countless Doorways

Session 5

On the edge of a Knife

After retiring to their inn for the evening Baruke was awoken by a strange noise. He was quickly able to establish that his room’s window was being opened by a cloaked figure breaking into their room. Jumping from his bed the dwarf let out a shout of warning while he launched himself at the figure. Attempting to grab the figure and pull it inside the room. The figure, not expecting the speed of the dwarf, lashed out with a dagger allowing it to avoid Baruke’s grasp. The figure then launched himself backwards and onto the roof of the neighboring building, taking off running.

Following quickly Baruke leaped from his window onto the roof while Anora rising from her bed ran to the window to spy the figure trying to escape. Thinking quickly she chanted a few words to cast Mage Hand and pull the tiles out from under the escaping figure, successfully tripping it. Falling to the roof the figure rolled about to face the pursuing party, deftly launching a dagger at the dwarf, lodging it in the dwarf’s shoulder. Filled with rage the dwarf tackled the figure and wrestled with it, preventing it from escape. Anora then made her way to the struggling pair and threatened the figure with her crossbow to stop struggling.

Now in close proximity the party could now see that the assassin was under some sort of spell holding him to his duty. Wrestling the figure to the ground Baruke attempted to subdue him but before any progress could be made the figure’s eyes bulged and his mouth began to foam as he was killed by the magics that held him to his duty. Looking about the party spied another cloaked figure who must have been watching the assassin attempt to kill them. This new figure turned and ran off into the darkness. Baruke turned to run after the figure but slipped from the roof top falling to the street below, badly hurting himself. Anora lowered herself with some rope to Baruke and brought him to the local temple for some healing.

Upon returning to their inn, the Innkeeper was not pleased with the actions that the party caused in his inn. The group began to apologize but before they could explain too much the Innkeeper was waved off by a man who they had been standing by the bar waiting. Inviting them to a table and ordering a round of ales the man introduced himself as Altair and that he had been sent to them as a representative of the Thieves’ Guild here in Bogenhafen. He explained that his group was not responsible for the attack that just occurred nor the thugs tat had accosted them the previous day. He suggested that they were probably agents of the people they have been investigating. Altair explained that his group had been watching them since they had entered in the sewers as they use the sewers and they were worried that they may discover something. And behold the group nearly stumbled into their Guildhall entrance, if they had pushed their way through the blocked entrance. Anora questioned him only to have him reply that they knew who she was and what she did in Tilea. This silenced Anora but drew question looks from the rest of the party.

Altair finished by offering his organization’s help in any way that they can provide, although their resources have become limited due to the pressure placed upon them by the Town Council and Town Watch over the past year and a half. He then drew the groups sign on the table in sawdust for the party and explained that if they look for the symbol it will lead them to people who can help them. Bidding his goodbyes, Altair began to leave but Anora caught his arm out of the party’s hearing. Whispering the question of where she could locate her contact Altair told her to look for him in the Cross Pike Inn. The man then ducked back into the night.

After catching some rest for the next few hours the party rose and began to break their fast in the common room of the inn. Suddenly the entrance flew open and in the door stood a visibly shaken Magirius. Moving to the party, Magirius stated that he must speak to the party. Already drawing strange glances from the rest of the common room the party moved outside asking Magirius what the problem was. Magirius quickly explained that he was told by Tugen to do whatever it took to send the party away when he spoke to them the day before. But the Ordo had a meeting last night about their upcoming ritual. The ritual was to take place in the Temple discovered by the party in the sewers. But since the party had discovered the ritual had to be moved to another location which Tugen had not reveiled yet. The ritual was to be a great spell that would be able to shift the economy of the enitre Empire. It would make Bogenhafen rich beyond anybody’s wildest dreams, especially those who help lead the ritual.

But Tugen informed Magirius, and the other inner council members last night at the meeting, that the ritual was to call for seven sacrifices. This was too much for Magirius. He could dabble in the arcane arts, as much as he hated to, so that he could become rich, but sacrificing people for it would be too much. He then explained that he could not go to the Watch or Council as Tugen has both groups under his thumb and he would be risking his life if Tugen found out that he was becoming a turncoat. So he came to the party as they were obviously causing problems for Tugen and the Ordo. Magirius suggested that he will send them word when he found out where the ritual was to take place and that they could interrupt the ritual. If they could interrupt the ritual then they would be able to save those being sacrificed and thus catch the Ordo red handed, there is no way the Watch could deny their evil ways. Agreeing the party said that they would wait for his word and formulate a plan in the mean time.

The party then began to stroll through the city trying to develop a plan of action. Finally they decided to try the Thieves’ Guild to see if they would be willing to provide any help to their problems. Heading to the Cross Pike Inn the party was surprised when they entered to find that a large portion of the clientele were members of the Town Watch. Asking the Inn Keeper for Bruggmen he pointed out an older man seated at the end of the bar eating his midday meal. Anora approached the man and after passing a few words between the two he lead the party into the kitchen and down into the storage cellar. Pushing aside a hidden entrance he led the group into a back room, much large in size then would be expected for being under the inn, which housed a table and a set of chairs.

Taking a seat the man offered them some drinks and asked what he could do for them. After explaining their situation Bruggmen offered that he could help by gathering some men from about town who were loyal to his organization and able fighters. He would need a few hours to do so but they would be available by evening.

After leaving the Cross Pike Inn the party visited some local shops to gather materials for the upcoming fight. When they stepped out from an Apothecary shop a young boy of 12 wearing a servants livery, ran up to them and offered them a message. Without even waiting for a tip or a return message the boy ran off into the city. It was a note from Magirius telling them to visit him at his house. Heading off to the house the party was greeted at the door by the same young boy who had dilivered the message. Leading to the back of the house the boy brought them to Magirius’ study. However, Magirius was not in the study, confusing the group. Questioning the boy, the boy simply pointed to the desk. Looking to the desk the party noticed that there appeared to have been a struggle as the desk was swept clean. They then noticed a large blood stain on the bookshelf behind the desk, which drew their attention down, leading to the body of Magirius.

Spinning around the party confronted the boy who simple answered them with and other worldly laugh, a laugh much too deep for a boy of only 12 years. The boy then produced a stern look upon his face and stated that they should have heeded the warnings he sent them to simply leave town and stop looking into matters that dont concern them. If he could kill them directly he would but this would have to do. He began to laugh again but as he did his image began to fade to nothingness. The laugh continued for a few seconds after the by had disappeared.

Deciding it would be good for themselves to disappear as well, the group ran to the front door. However when they opened up the door they saw the young boy out in the street talking to a Watch Patrol and pointing at the house. Raising an alarm the Watch Patrol began to run towards the house, cutting off the main entrance for the party. Ducking back into the house they ran into the kitchen and out the servant entrance into the backyard. Finding the yard walled in, the group quickly scaled a tree and launched themselves over the wall. Escaping down the alley way the party gathered themselves some distance away from the house to form a plan. Anora decided she was going to disguise herself and go back to the house to see what she could discover while the rest of the party was going to go through the sewers to reach the Thieves’ Guildhall for safety.

The party was able to make it into the sewers but not before being seen by a Watch patrol. Luckily due to Baruke’s night vision they were able to run into the darkness providing no light for the Watch to follow. Meaning while Anora made her way back to Magirius’ house and enter undetected due to her disguise. Finding two Watchmen exaiming the room where the corpse lie, she asked what happened. They said it looks like Magirius was stabbed to death and had his throat slit. One of Magirius’ servant boys said that he saw a Tilean lady and a Dwarf kill Magirius but was able to run to the Watch before they killed him. Anora asked if she could examine the body, and upon being granted to do so, she discovered Magirius’ Ordo ring. She then noticed that written on the side of the desk, in his own blood, Magirius had written “WRHS 1…” with the last number being smudged and unreadable. Searching the rest of the house Anora then discovered Magirius’ Ordo robes in one of his wardrobes.

Heading back to the Cross Pike Inn, Anora informed the rest of the party of what she had discovered. They then set to work on formulating a plan for their assault against the Ordo Septenarius.


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Session 5


Session 5

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