Beyond Countless Doorways

Session 2

A Day at the Fair pt. 2

Counting their winnings the group settled into a few seats at a near by beer tent. They were not ale to settle in for long before they were accosted by a drunk reveler who had apparently lost money betting against Baruke in the fight. The problem nearly exploded into a fight but Baruke was able to pass off a near by beverage as a courtesy drink, placating the drunkard.

Deciding to move on from the Beer Tent the group was attracted to a near by show labeled “Doctor Mathusila’s Zoological Wonders. Not to keen on paying the entrance fee, Anora quickly gathered a few bits of clothing and gear to pass herself off as a worker at the menagerie. Slipping by the bodyguard, Anora checked the different sights in the menagerie, deciding that it would be worth the rest of the group to join her. Heading back to the entrance, she convinced the bodyguard at the entrance that the Doctor wanted him sent on an errand and she was to take over for him. The bodyguard, looking skeptical, grudgingly accepted the task and set off into the fair.

Leaving the entrance of the menagerie unguarded the group head into the tent. They took into the different sights and strange creatures before being drawn to a group gathering at the other end of the tent. Making their way over to the crowd and pushing their way to the front, the group was greeted by a large cage covered in a blanket. A figure clothed in a very well made but of the most mismatched colors ever seen, made his way onto a stand off to the side of the cage. The man introduced himself to the crowd as Doctor Mathusila, the owner of the menagerie, and he began to regal the crowd with the wonders they were about to see. After a rather long winded speech a helper pulled the blanket aside to reveal a three legged goblin.

The Doctor’s helper then lead the goblin out of the cage only to have the goblin bite him, allowing the goblin to attempt an escape. Unfortunately the goblin ran right at the party and was caught by Baruke single handed. The Doctor was most gracious for the help and offered 5 gold crowns for the help but Baruke pushed for more causing the Doctor to double the reward. With the show now over the group made their way out only to fine chaos at the front gate due to the group sending the bodyguard off. They were met by a group of laborers attempting to carry off the chest of entrance fees and several people passing into the menagerie without paying

Leaving the chaos they had created, the group headed by the festival courts finding a man in the stocks being pelted with mud. Anora took pity upon the man and wiped some of the grim from the man’s face. The man thanked her profusely and pleaded with her to pay his fine and free him from the stocks. Finding the man’s fine too high the group moved on to the Jousting Lists. The group didn’t find the crowd as pleasing as the crowd around the wrestling ring however due to the lack of bets being placed on the jousting knights.

After watching the knights for several rounds the group decided to check out the town but they were interrupted by a commotion raised by the goblin escaping from the menagerie. The goblin ran through the crowd causing a stir before escaping into the sewers. The watch gathered the crowd together and brought the witnesses to the festival courts. After gathering witness accounts the Magistrate offered a 50 gold crown reward to which the Doctor added another 50 gold crowns if the goblin was brought back alive.



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